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Posted on 10:57 AM by Mike Fye

So here is a quick overview of what I'm going to try to post each week. As this is a "free-time" hobby, it probably won't be exact, but I'm guessing I won't have a legion of followers to upset anyways. So, here goes...

Mondays: Entertainment

This will cover pop-culture and things of that sort. Music, movies, TV, art etc. This doesn't include any reviews I might do.

Tuesdays: Political/Social Issues

Self explanatory. I'll be stabbing hot-button subjects, hopefully inviting civil and intelligent discussion in the comments section. 

Wednesdays: WildCard!!!

Just whatever tickles my fancy. Maybe I can use this day for requests too if readership grows.

Thursdays: Relationships/Sex

Also hoping to expand this to a Q and A column if possible. 

Fridays: Memories/Nostalgia

Each month, I'll be remembering someone close to me that's passed on. Then I'll be ranting on about how great the good ol' days were, like a 30-something should be.

Saturdays: Comics/Cartoons

I'll TRY to post an original, hand-drawn comic strip each week.

Sundays: Religion

This will probably be just a short quote or verse with a quick personal reflection attached. I'll try my best to cover different belief sets.

And that's it for now. Thank you to the few who have been reading. I hope you spread the word if you enjoy it and would love to see some comments!

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